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Koh Koh Pups provide holistic and transient care to the dogs of Koh Tao. Every dog deserves a good feed, a safe place and good medical care while we work finding them a home of their own. 

The Covid Epidemic saw many lives upended and this impacted on the dogs of Koh Tao and many were un-homed and abandoned through no fault of their own.

Since the end of 2019 Lara Dakers, the very hands on operational manager of Koh Koh Pups has worked tirelessly to provide transient care and families for these orphans. Many have been lucky and now call Canada, the UK, and the USA home.   Lara can often be seen riding around the island with a variety of pups on board her bike as she works to socialise and advertise them; hoping someone may see their potential as a loved pet.

This work could not be done without the help and support of the Koh Tao Animal Clinic who provide medical care, vaccinations and the very important sterilisation of dogs. For this work to continue we need ongoing funding, sponsors and motivated volunteers to help.

Are you in a position to offer a business sponsorship? Or provide a temporary foster home? You can also help walk, exercise or provide stimulation to the dogs we currently have in our care.  If you a social media or fundraising guru you could also lend your very valuable skills to our cause. Please reach out to us if you feel you could help in any capacity.

We are so proud of the condition and care that has been given to the our animals here on the island and many visitors comment on how well our animal population looks. 

 Please help us to keep on helping them.

Our Team

Meet the Koh Koh Pups team and extended family

Lara Dakers
Lara DakersOperations Manager
Big Boy
Big BoyPublic Relations
Koh Tao Animal Clinic
Koh Tao Animal ClinicMedical Support

Happy Families

When you adopt a Koh Koh Pup you become part of the family. We always enjoy hearing updates from the families we have helped create around the world. Here are just a few photos that have been shared with us froom previous adoptions.

Looking through our profiles of adoptable dogs can be overwhelming on your own, but you don’t have to do this alone. You can message us at your convenience to speak with our team about assisting you through our online Adoptive Profiles or if you want more information about the adoption process.
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